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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

If the secret to getting ahead is getting started, where do you start? As our client, it starts with a belief that in order to serve you we must first understand you. As individuals, we all share differences; we also share common goals, connected to financial independence and the importance of planning for our family, our career, our retirement, our business and the personal ambitions that inspire us all. Your priorities, principles and values support the foundation of a financial plan and a customized portfolio built around what matters most in your life.

We believe the best way to predict your financial future is to plan for it. It’s not only about managing portfolios and preserving wealth – while this is what we do on a daily basis – the benefit of what we do, our underlying value, is realized through our focused commitment to you. Our defined client process sets us apart through a clear focus on providing an exceptional client experience designed to deliver the benefits of a well-planned financial future.


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Noah Kendrick

Noah S. Kendrick, CFP®

Registered Principal

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Amy Pongratz

Amy Pongratz, AAMS®

Wealth Advisor Associate

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Bridget Leire

Bridget Leire

Registered Client Associate

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