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A refreshingly candid conversation about financial planning.

First of all, you didn’t achieve your success by not making good decisions. So could you do your own financial planning? Sure. But is it a good idea? Probably not.

After all, you could also prepare your own tax return or draft your own will or trust document. Of course, just because we can doesn’t always mean we should. If you want the confidence to enjoy the benefits of your financial success, without spending your time obsessing over investment strategy, retirement plans and economic charts and graphs, hiring a trusted financial planner might be one of your best decisions.

OK, so you want a financial advisor.

There are certainly a lot out there. But how do you choose one?

The right one for you.

Perhaps it’s best to start with what you don’t want.

You don’t want an advisor who simply tells you what they think you want to hear. Rather you need someone who will address your priorities and your long-term financial best interest.

Your life’s journey is unique, as are your specific needs, ambitions, concerns and life situations. You want a financial planner who is more interested in you than your balance sheet.

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We look at it a little differently.

Our process allows us to build a financial plan and investment portfolio around you, not the other way around. We make serving you exceptionally well our number one priority. Our goal is that you receive the kind of client experience you won’t find anywhere else. The type of client experience you’ve earned and deserve.

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Continuity counts.

You may be nearing or in retirement, but we are in the prime of our careers and far from retiring. That simply means

we'll be here for you, your spouse and your family —

building a loyal, committed, long-term relationship with tailored guidance at each step along the way.

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A thought about enjoyment.

Let’s revisit our opening statement – about why you might want to hire a financial planner.

Success is often found in doing what one enjoys. What we thoroughly enjoy doing is financial planning and investment management, putting all of our knowledge, experience, education and resources to good use for the benefit of our clients.

Our passion is found in building a plan that fits your life and reflects who you are and what you want to accomplish. That requires us to know you really well —

and we look forward to the opportunity.

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